Organising Committee

Welcome from the Organising Committee

ESASO Anterior Segment Academy (ASA) is now on its fourth edition.
It’s the second in a series of three on hypermetropia. We have chosen to offer our programme as a series in order to continue our training pathway in anterior segment diagnostics and surgery.
Correcting hypermetropia is in fact much more complex than myopic vision correction, as the range of correction in diopters is more restricted and the possible complications are more serious.

In cataract surgery, there are challenges in relation to limited spaces that make the results more difficult to achieve. The biometrics are more unpredictable, and there is a correlation to glaucoma. These patients present a further challenge, since they have often had good eyesight, at least in childhood, without needing glasses.

The problem often arises of how well-accepted the correction will be, apart from having to assess orthophoria, and cycolplegic exam effectively with each surgical or simply prescriptive intervention.

Treatment and diagnosis are obviously highly complex, and we aim to address diagnostics in an integrative way, using modern techniques.
As well as hypermetropia, ESASO Academy will also address another condition that is closely related: presbyopia.

With ever greater possibilities for correction, and patients also requesting more, what choices should we make?
These issues must also be considered at re-intervention, as every time we operate, we must also assess the possible complications and consider possible solutions for them.

This event will be attended by a top international panel.

With our best regards,


Josè L. Güell

ESASO Anterior Segment Academy

Director of Cornea and Refractive Surgery Unit – Instituto Microcirugia Ocular (IMO), Barcelona, Spain


Paolo Vinciguerra

ESASO Anterior Segment Academy

Director of the Ophthalmology Department
Humanitas University, Milan, Italy


Giuseppe Guarnaccia

ESASO Global Executive Director
Lugano, Switzerland

Scientific Committee

F. I. Camesasca


P. Vinciguerra


J. L. Güell


G. Guarnaccia